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Addressing clinical challenges in ophthalmology

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All website content is globally approved by the Vision Academy Steering Committee in English, but you can translate the website pages into French by following the guidance available via the links below.


Le contenu de ce site est approuvé par le Comité de Pilotage de la Vision Academy dans sa version anglaise, mais vous pouvez obtenir une traduction en français dans votre navigateur en suivant les instructions ci-dessous.


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Important information on COVID-19

The Vision Academy is committed to supporting ophthalmologists caring for patients with retinal disease during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. Vision Academy treatment recommendations for patients requiring intravitreal injections are now available.


Access the Vision Academy COVID-19 recommendations

Welcome to the Vision Academy

On this site you will find concise, practical information and educational tools to advance clinical practice and patient care in ophthalmology.

About us

The Vision Academy comprises an international group of more than 80 experts worldwide.

Through their collective expertise, the Vision Academy seeks to provide guidance for best clinical practice in the management of retinal disease, particularly in areas with insufficient conclusive evidence.

Resource zone

The Vision Academy aims to drive improvement in patient care through defined ‘resource zones’ that provide educational materials and guidance on clinical challenges in ophthalmology. These zones are coordinated by the Vision Academy experts. Click on the images below to explore educational materials related to each topic or click the button below to access all Vision Academy resources and translations.

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Vision Academy members

The Vision Academy is a group of over 80 international ophthalmology experts, working together to identify and address clinical challenges by providing expert guidance for best clinical practice, especially in areas with insufficient conclusive evidence.