Dr. Miltiadis Tsilimbaris

Professor and Chief at the University Eye Clinic and Director of the Laboratory of Optics and Vision, University of Crete Medical School, Greece

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Dr. Miltiadis Tsilimbaris is Professor and Chief of the University Eye Clinic of Heraklion in Crete, Greece. He received his medical degree from the University of Crete Medical School and completed his residency in the University Eye Clinic of Heraklion. He is Director of the Laboratory of Optics and Vision at the University of Crete Medical School.


Dr. Tsilimbaris’s clinical work is mainly focused on vitreoretinal diseases and he is an active vitreoretinal surgeon. He retains a strong research interest in retinal diseases, with research projects including, among others, the development of sustained-release formulations of NSAIDs for intravitreal use; evaluation of new anti-apoptotic compounds in models of retinal apoptosis; exploration of alternative uses of photodynamic therapy; the study of the role of lipids in AMD; and development of imaging techniques for the evaluation of the perifoveal capillary network.


Dr. Tsilimbaris shares his professional time between clinical care, research, and teaching. He is a member of the Greek Vitreoretinal Society, ARVO, AAO, Club Jules Gonin, and EURETINA, in addition to having published over 160 papers in peer-reviewed journals and holding three patents.